New Beginnings Christian School and Daycare

492 Williams Road

Columbus, Ohio 43207

(614) 497-3815




New Beginnings Christian School follows the basic school curriculum for all grades as outlined by the Minimum Standards for Ohio Schools  prepared by the State of Ohio Department of Education.  We use a variety of publishers -- each being screened by a curriculum committee.


The regular school program includes Bible, Citizenship, Reading or Literature, Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Health, Physical Education, Art and Music.  

Normal testing within the classroom will proceed at the teacher's discretion.


Students must learn to organize knowledge and to transfer learning from one situation to another.  They need to develop powers of problem solving and the habit of lifelong study.  To do this, they need a good command of the essential learning skills --reading, writing, listening, examining, classifying, and calculating.    To direct thought and action into worthy channels, pupils need to acquire values and behaviors that will help them to react wisely to the many demands of a complex and rapidly changing world.  New Beginnings Christian School believes that such a commitment is best realized through:


    * A Christ-centered curriculum.

    * A curriculum design that has meaning and relevancy.

    * A flexible program to meet individual needs.

    * A curriculum that keeps pace with the changing needs of students.

    * A curriculum that prepares students to live in a multi-cultural society.

    * Experiences which help students develop a dedication to America.

    * Receptive students who want to learn.

    * Parents who show genuine interest and who give support to their child.

    * Dedicated, skillful, and qualified teachers.

    * An adequate building and appropriate teaching materials.


New Beginnings Christian School is fully chartered with the State of Ohio Dept. of  Education.